The Week That Was

I can’t think of any reason to not read these top five stories from this week. They are that good.

1. Stop! Don’t Make These Talent Management Mistakes: See how managers can unintentionally burn bridges with employees, causing low morale and turnover, writes Robert Hosking, executive director of OfficeTeam, a staffing service.

2. What’s Your Return on People?: How is your work positively affecting enterprise quality, innovation, productivity and services? Talent Management columnist Jac Fitz-enz has more.

3. Study: Eating Lunch at Work Makes Employees Unhappy: Employers are happier and — in turn, more productive — when they step out for lunch as opposed to eating at a desk or office cafeteria, a recent study suggests.

4. The Unhappiest Job in America?: Whether one is happy at work or not depends on a wide range of factors that are highly individualized, writes blogger Dan Bowling.

5. To Tweet or Not to Tweet?: To present an authentic face, get closer to customers and engage employees, senior leaders are changing their communication methods and joining the social networking generation. Talent Management editor Ladan Nikravan has more in this issue’s “Insight.”

In Other News …

Sharing salary information and other compensation figures among co-workers is still largely office taboo, but a drive for greater transparency — mostly driven by Generation Y — might be turning the tides, reports The Wall Street Journal.


Most workers are keen on putting together to-do lists to help them prioritize each day’s work. Harvard Business Review is suggesting workers add a new wrinkle to the process: don’t just rank items based on priority; identify what items need to be done well and which need to simply be done adequately.

By classifying the level of effort each item will take, workers are being more efficient with both time and effort.