The Week That Was

Has spring arrived where you live? If so, take these top five stories from for the week of April 8 outside this weekend.

1. The Unhappiest Job in America?: Whether one is happy at work or not depends on a wide range of factors that are highly individualized, writes blogger Dan Bowling.

2. Five Ways to Make Big Data Actionable for HR: Big data offers HR executives the opportunity to contribute more strategically to a business’s operations and decision-making, writes Michael Custers, vice president of global alliances and strategic marketing for NorthgateArinso, a global HR process provider.

3. Six Ways to Measure Mentoring: Mentoring program administrators often ask what the best ways are to measure the success of mentoring programs, writes Judy Corner, director of consulting and mentoring services for Insala, a global talent development company.

4. Results Only Work Environment? It’s a Leadership Problem: If an employee is not performing well in the office, you can be sure that person will not perform well at home, writes blogger Aubrey Daniels.

5. Branding and Big Data: Trends in Talent Acquisition | video: From building brand to bringing sourcing back in house, LinkedIn’s Leela Srinivasan discusses how companies find top talent.

In Other News …

If you’ve ever watched the television show “Mad Men” — and I imagine many do, as its most recent season kicked off this week — then you know that part of the show’s charm is its portrayal of 1960s culture.

Part of that culture resides in the office of the advertising agency that plays such an integral part of the show. Among the primary folks seen on camera during every episode is the secretary. Yet today, you won’t find many around. Bloomberg Businessweek asks: where have they all gone?


Also, want to learn how to move your office outdoors? The Atlantic shows how.