Worker Confidence Virtually Unchanged in March; Personal Confidence Rises

New York — April 2

The Randstad Employee Confidence Index edged up for the second consecutive time, reaching 53.9 in March despite a slight decline in confidence in the job market.

Although workers are feeling more apprehensive in the availability of jobs, confidence in their personal ability to find a new job and in the future remains intact — these combined personal confidence factors reached the largest gain since April 2010.

The survey, which monitors U.S. workers’ personal confidence and tracks perspectives around jobs and the economy each month, was conducted online by Harris Interactive among 1,185 employed U.S. adults in March.

Highlights of the report:

Overall confidence was maintained as the Randstad Employee Confidence Index increased slightly from 53.5 in February to 53.9 in March.

Confidence in macro conditions dropped by 2.8 points, though personal confidence levels soared with the largest gain recorded in more than two years — up 3.7 points from February.

Just more than half of U.S. workers (52 percent) believe there are fewer jobs available, an increase from 47 percent in February.

Even so, over four-in-ten workers (42 percent) feel confident in their ability to get a new job if they searched.

Source: Randstad