The Week That Was

“March Madness” isn’t just about basketball. HR, as we all know, can get a little crazy too. With that in mind, let’s crank up the madness with these top five stories from for the week of March 25.

1. The Death of the Paper Resume: For some employers, paper resumes are hopelessly out of date. Instead, they’re checking Klout scores and asking for resume submissions via Twitter. Talent Management editor Jennifer Kahn has more.

2. Moving Employees From ‘Have to’ to ‘Want To’: Showing respect and including employees in decisions are two ways to get them to want to come to work, according to blogger Aubrey Daniels.

3. Get a Grip on Culture | This issue’s “Insight”: Red Frog Events’ off-the-wall corporate culture fuels its talent acquisition employee value proposition, writes Talent Management editor Frank Kalman.

4. How to Know if Employees Are Really Happy: Despite on-boarding efforts, many new employees are unhappy at work. A happy check program can salvage relationships before employees become permanently disengaged.

5. Study Says Even Bad Leaders Can Change: About three quarters of leaders were able to show noticeable improvement after development efforts, according to a recent study.

In Other News …

Mobile — and social — recruiting has been all the rage in the pages of Talent Management the past year or so. But are companies actually keeping up with the trend?

According to this blog post from the reporters from The Wall Street Journal’s “At Work” blog, most employers talk a big game without actually doing so-called mobile recruiting.

One company that’s actually made decent progress in targeting its recruitment efforts toward mobile: McDonald’s.

Only 3 percent of Fortune 500 companies provide a way for people to apply for jobs from a smartphone, according to the Journal article, citing data from an iMomentous survey. iMomentous is a mobile career tool provider.

Read the entire story here.