The Underemployment Wave Continues

Toronto — March 28

Employers are not only looking for educated labor to fill high-skill positions, but to fill traditionally lower skill jobs as well.

Thirty-six per cent of hiring managers and human resource professionals said in a recent study they are hiring more employees with college degrees for positions that were historically held by high school graduates. The CareerBuilder study of more than 400 employers across Canada was conducted online by Harris Interactive from Nov. 1 to Nov. 30.

Of employers who have hired more workers with college degrees for jobs that were historically held by high school graduates, most reported positive impacts on their business.

Specific qualifications for jobs are becoming more demanding, the study suggests. One-in-four employers said they have increased their educational requirements for jobs over the last five years.

Fifty-nine per cent reported that they require a two-year university degree or higher for their positions; 45 percent said they require a four-year degree or higher.

Still, the lack of a college education may limit upward mobility. Forty-one percent of employers said they are unlikely to promote someone who doesn’t have a college degree.