Women’s History Month

Sheryl Sandberg, Feminista

Kellye Whitney

Some people have criticized Facebook Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg’s idea that women are holding themselves back, but editor Kellye Whitney says she may be onto something.

Is Society Saying to Women: Choose Work or Life?

Deanna Hartley

The best way our corporations can celebrate International Women’s Day is not to put women in the daunting position of needing to chose one or the other, says editor Deanna Hartley.

How to Bridge Generational Divides in the Boardroom

Jennifer Kahn

Female coaching pioneer Anett Grant says leaders should use a “sandwich approach” to keep their diverse board members engaged.

Tips for Female Leaders to Make It to the Top

Lauren Ready

Firms with women as leaders perform well. Here’s how aspiring leaders can ignite their leadership journey.

Confessions of a Female Entrepreneur

Jennifer Kahn

What’s contributing to the rise of female-owned businesses, and what trends can we expect for female entrepreneurs?