What’s the Role of Texting in the Workplace?

According to a 2010 Pew Study, 50 is the median number of text messages millennials send every day. That is a lot.

So what are these texting, tweeting, finger-tapping millennials so eagerly texting to one another? LOL! Who knows?! Perhaps there is earth-shattering news about a new job opportunity that must be texted or tweeted immediately, maybe some weekend plans are in the making or maybe they just need to know which Panera is the meeting site.

Whatever the reason, millennials feel the need to stay connected with others 24/7. It is evident that the cellphone has clearly become the new appendage in the workplace.

As I consult to corporate America, I frequently find myself in offices and even in some plants, working with leaders, and guess what I am noticing? It is not just millennials who are texting, it is everyone — especially those parents who learned that they will only hear from their kids via text.

Now, I know I don’t send out 50 text messages a day, more like 37 to be truthful, but I am noticing how quickly other generations are aligning with millennials and their texting habits. It goes far beyond parents and their children to include sales professionals and their customers, managers and their direct reports and colleagues and their team members.

I must admit, when I look at my text messages, they don’t always include top-priority information streams. With that in mind, I tried one day to keep my phone out of sight. Yep, you guessed it, I was sweating by noon. It was like someone … well, removed an appendage from me.

What’s your opinion on texting in the workplace? I’d love to hear how it works — or not — in your organization. Till then, I’d better text my colleague about posting this blog.