The Week That Was

While preparing for that big President’s Day party this weekend, catch up with these top five stories from for the week of Feb. 11.

1. Ignore Employee Recognition and You’ll Be Sorry: Employee recognition isn’t a fluffy concept. Here are five ways it can actually drive bottom-line results, writes Derek Irvine, vice president, client strategy and consulting at Globoforce, an employee recognition and engagement company.

2. HR Analytics: Are You in or Out?: Without human capital analytics, talent management won’t be part of any significant business discussions, writes columnist Jac Fitz-enz.

3. Bacon-Based Recruitment: How much HR reaches out to other disciplines like marketing may determine future effectiveness, writes John Boudreau, professor and research director at the University of Southern California’s Marshall School of Business and Center for Effective Organizations.

4. Make Time Management a Strategic Endeavor: Wasted time is especially costly for top executives, and author Peter Bregman has some advice for more strategic time management. Talent Management editor Frank Kalman has more.

5. Leaving Groundhog Day Behind: In today’s business world, organizations must realize that change is the only constant, writes blogger Aubrey Daniels.

In Other News …

The Wall Street Journal reports that more companies are equating business travel with budget travel. “They’re asking employees to forgo some perks and trade down to lesser hotels and are banishing even senior executives to coach.”


President Obama, in his annual State of the Union address Tuesday night, proposed a number of projects for the country to tackle in his second term. One of them was to raise the minimum wage to $9 an hour from $7.25 today. Skeptics are sure to say that’s too high, but This article from The New Republic says it is not high enough.