Report: Quarter of Global Talent Will Become Redundant in 3-5 Years

Santa Clara, Calif. — Feb. 13

Zinnov, an advisory firm, on Wednesday released its “Talent Outlook 2013” report that highlights a paradigm shift in HR trends for the coming year. The survey found that 2013 will be a year of skill and talent reconciliation, even as new skill sets are brought to focus and HR is challenged to implement strategic planning within the organization.

Key findings:

• Organizations believe that 25 percent of their current talent will become redundant in the next three to five years, while specialized skill sets in “user experience” and “mobility” see rising demand.
• Hiring for innovation will primarily be in the United States.
• Tier II locations in the U.S. will be a key focus area for organizations looking to expand, while India and China will witness marginal growth.
• Silicon Valley continues to be an innovation hub, with 80 percent of respondents indicating their organizations’ headcount will increase the highest in this region.

Respondents also revealed that 36 percent of their innovation on average would be driven in Silicon Valley, with other U.S. cities — such as Seattle, Maryland, Dallas and Boston — accounting for 18 percent.

India ranked third as a potential innovation region, with organizations revealing that 15 percent of innovation is expected out of the country.

The study brings to light the areas in which organizations are seeking talent, with skills in the areas of engineering, analytics, predictive modeling, HR analytics and mobility gaining the most traction.

Source: Zinnov LLC