The Week That Was

Nothing says “stay inside and read” quite like February. So hunker down with these top five stories from for the week of Feb. 4.

1. Will a Lack of Generational Intelligence Sink Your Organization?: Bloggers Jeanne Meister and Steve Dahlberg offer key ways to enhance the communication between generations in your workplace.

2. What Are the Best-Paying Jobs?: CareerBuilder and Economic Modeling Specialists released a list of the most lucrative professions that don’t require a bachelor’s and top-paying jobs that do. See what tops the list.

3. Five Workplace Predictions for 2013: Here are predictions for how companies might swap out antiquated ways of doing things for non-traditional approaches from Halley Bock, president and CEO of Fierce Inc., a global leadership development and training company.

4. What’s the Goal of Human Capital Measurement?: Think of analytic maturity as akin to mountain climbing: The methods become more difficult as companies climb the mountain, but they are more rewarding as they reach higher ground. Gene Pease, co-founder and CEO of Capital Analytics, has the story.

5. The Key to Happiness: Know Your Limitations: In any job, if you are not particularly good at something, you are going to wind up hating it, writes blogger Dan Bowling.

In Other News …

Does your signature reflect the size of your ego? This article from Bloomberg BusinessWeek explores the subject.

Should top executives make a lot of money when their investors lose out? The Wall Street Journal reports that “a growing number of U.S. companies are limiting the upside for top leaders in down years for stock prices by restricting certain compensation when total shareholder return is negative.”

Also, Forbes rounds up the best-paying cities for women.