Reader Reaction: Constructive Dissent

Via LinkedIn:
Yvonne LaRose: If it’s “productive disagreement,” it means there is an issue that must be sorted out so that the parties can come to a meeting of the minds and then start working toward a solution.

When would that be inappropriate? When you’re in the middle of an emergency. In an open space with an audience that includes many who are not part of the parts that can coalesce to bring about meaning to the splintered statements and healing to the matter. Another inappropriate time would be in front of followers who take guidance from relationships with the parties involved.

Skip Pettit: Some conversations are best done in private. “Agreeing to disagree” provides respect and the foundation upon which to discuss issues and share feelings and insights without fear of retribution or devaluation. But, as we know, not everyone can manage this degree of transparency. Effective communication continues to be a challenge for us all — even before we mix in gender, culture, age and other factors.

Via Twitter:
BarrelOfOranges: When it’s not related to work or work issues & people become heated or disrespectful.
JarradGrandy: Possibly in front of clients.

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