Resume Service Unveils ‘TweetsResume’

Kirkland, Wash. — Jan. 23

Forbes Magazine has declared 2013 the year of “social HR,” where organizations will integrate social technologies into the way they recruit, develop and engage potential employees.

Traditional resumes will be significantly impacted, or perhaps even replaced, by the breadth and depth of an individual’s social presence, the magazine suggests, and human resources departments will rely on social sources to learn more and make decisions about potential candidates.

In response to this trend, IT Resume Service has created TweetsResume, a social media-enabled, real-time resume that integrates an individual’s social presence into his or her actual paper resume. The method is designed to continuously refresh resume content to display a person’s most recent tweets. The result is a living document that is customized throughout a job search to best fit specific employment opportunities.

TweetsResume was recognized by Career Directors International at its recent conference with a 2012 Career Innovation Award.

Source: IT Resume Service