Reader Reaction: Engagement Starts Early

Via Talent Management Network discussion:

Angela Londot: At Point Eight Power (PEP), we have been focusing our employee engagement efforts in two areas:

Aligning employees to our mission, vision, values and strategy. That is, linking employees to how they can make a greater impact to the long-term sustainability of our company and to our goals. This kind of alignment allows employees to make a connection to our company much higher than just the day-to-day, tactical operations. They are in it for the long haul and they understand how they have a direct impact in helping the organization achieve its goals.

Promoting strength-based development. Not only do we encourage our employees to discover new talents, strengths or interests, but we assist them in building the path to get there. Ultimately, employees who have found their niche, sweet spot or passion will make the greatest impact on results by simply getting in there and doing what they love. For example, we have an employee who has moved up the ranks within the organization. His story of perseverance and discovering new passions is a direct example of how PEP supports this kind of personal development.

Some initiatives we have outlined for improving engagement for next year in the pre-hire and on-boarding phases are:

1. Revising job descriptions to include an objective that outlines the role’s link to the organization’s strategy.
2. Increasing communication and feedback to job candidates regarding their application and the hiring process.
3. Providing realistic job previews and tours of the manufacturing facility before hire. Letting candidates speak to employees to understand how their strengths have been utilized and how they have progressed through the organization.
4. Creating a mentor program that pairs new employees with current employees to help learn the ins and outs of our culture and norms, and be a resource to the new employee.
5. Advertising our employer brand and emphasizing our Best Places to Work award within our community.
6. Revamping our employee handbook into an employee culture book.
7. Creating an engaging recruiting brochure that highlights our employer brand and our programs that influence engagement.

Via Twitter:

@etmobley: Include values in the interview process. Share, invite dialogue and pave the way for an authentically committed employee.

@mekncl: #Preboarding instead of #onboarding employees — enable them to know their colleagues before day 1 on the job. #engagement.

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