The Week That Was

If you live someplace cold, there’s no reason to go outside. So read these top five stories from for the week of Jan. 14.

1. Want to Change Behavior?: Whether it’s your own or an employee’s, patience and perseverance are key to the process, writes columnist Marshall Goldsmith.

2. The Impact of Entitlement on Engagement: Satisfaction with pay and benefits can result in retaining underengaged or disengaged employees who might otherwise opt out of their unsatisfactory situation. Don MacPherson, president and co-founder of Modern Survey, a human capital measurement company, has more.

3. The Crucible in the Middle: It’s tough being a mid-level manager, but the role’s increasing complexity is the right stage on which to prep senior leaders, writes Kris Routch, an executive consultant at talent management consultancy Development Dimensions International.

4. Study: Healthy Workers Are More ProductiveFindings from a new peer-reviewed study of 20,000 U.S. workers suggests employers can maximize their employees’ job performance and reduce absenteeism by using a multi-pronged, integrated approach to well-being improvement.

5. Bringing Work and Life Into Balance | This issue’s profile: See how Ernst & Young’s Mike Cullen is driving talent management deeper into the accounting firm to make sure every employee counts. Talent Management editor Ladan Nikravan has more.

In Other News …

Do you aspire to be a CEO someday? You might want to think about hitting the exercise bike.

A story in The Wall Street Journal this week highlighted a new study that suggests “a few extra pounds or a slightly larger waistline affects an executive’s perceived leadership ability as well as stamina on the job.”

The article continued:

“Executives with larger waistlines and higher body-mass-index readings tend to be perceived as less effective in the workplace, both in performance and interpersonal relationships, according to data compiled by CCL. BMI, a common measure of body fat, is based on height and weight.”

Read “Want to Be CEO? What’s Your BMI?” here.