Reader Reaction: Talent Fit in 2013?

Via LinkedIn:

Yasmin Madhani: The ability to search companies’ career pages and apply through your smartphone will be a hot trend for 2013. I also think more companies will be investing in their employee value proposition for 2013, followed by making sure they are working through internal barriers for hiring top talent. Customer relationship management tools to build future talent pipelines will still remain hot. But I believe more companies will start to invest in SEO strategies to attract top talent.

Rita Weiss: The major trend that I see is a growing focus on intercultural awareness and leveraging diversity to achieve individual, team and organizational goals. Successful companies and executives are starting to recognize and harness diverse leadership approaches and perspectives.

Dan Ahern: Organizations would benefit by deploying organic (viral) strategies which assess both the employees’ needs against the “offer” from their employer, and the employees’ personal offer (skills, abilities, intangibles) against the needs of the organization. While this assessment allows for an evaluation of employee-organization alignment and/or gaps, it serves a few more purposes, including increased manager-report communication, enhanced development planning, assessment of cultural and performance fit for achieving shared success, employee-led and manager-supported career planning and more.

Manish Puranik: Although discrimination, dictatorship and demoralization may continue for a few more years on the side of employers as it is the presumed part of being a paymaster, the mindset of “bosses” will see a paradigm shift as it will become more and more difficult to acquire talent and almost impossible to retain it, thanks to the globalization empowering young minds to venture fearlessly. Hopefully the dawn of 2013 will see the rise of real HRD and HRM, which literally means to develop the potential of a human and facilitate his or her professional journey by managing his or her career path and growth and not the other way around. This time it won’t be wishful thinking as it seems that both sides of the table have comprehended the big picture and decided to act in cohesion instead of division … fingers crossed though!

Michalis Kourtidis: The initiation of mindfulness at work to let managers deal with stress and anxiety more effectively. In other words, more attention to well-being at work; hence the current massive interest in engagement.

Marc Timmerman: On a talent management level: the retention of high potentials, increasing engagement, gender balance and equality, and age diversity. On a structural level (depending on the regional locus of control): guiding acquisitions or divestitures, guiding further restructuring or growth. As a consequence on the talent management level: investing in intercultural sensitivity and sending the right people to the right places!

Via Twitter:

@OscarGarciaSPHR: Better economy and rising hiring rates. Thus, tougher times to attract and retain talent.

@m_shipman: Emphasis on retaining top talent.

@Robin_Chance: #Assessments that tell what a leader can & will do in role. Personality is tip of iceberg.

@TommieCau: The business, recognition, appreciation, measurement and communication of the health of employees. For profits and branding.

@GabbyTreat: A strong focus on work-life balance — especially greater employee control over work time & personal time.

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