Most Workers Don’t Know the Details of Their Health Care Coverage

Lincolnshire, Ill. — Jan. 9

Most workers know what it takes to get and stay healthy, but they do not have accurate perceptions of their health and their health care programs, according to a new survey from Aon Hewitt, the National Business Group on Health and The Futures Co.

However, some employer strategies — such as the use of account-based plans and specific health and wellness programs — appear to be effective in motivating employees to take action to better understand and improve their health, according to the survey.

For the second straight year, Aon Hewitt, the global human resources services business of Aon plc, the National Business Group on Health and The Futures Co. surveyed more than 2,800 employees and their dependents covered by employer health plans to determine their perspectives, behaviors and attitudes towards health and wellness.

According to “The Consumer Health Mindset” survey, an overwhelming majority of consumers (87 percent) say their health is good, and less than one quarter (23 percent) say they are overweight or obese. Yet more than half (53 percent) of those consumers who report being in good health actually report height and weight that categorize them in the body mass index (BMI) overweight or obese categories.

Not only are employees disconnected when it comes to their personal health, but they are equally misinformed when it comes to understanding what the employer pays for their health care.

According to a recent Aon Hewitt analysis, total health care costs per employee was $10,522 in 2012; employers’ share of that cost was $8,318. However, when asked how much of the bill their employer pays, The Consumer Health Mindset survey shows consumers significantly underestimate the portion paid by their employers, guessing they pay approximately half of the cost.

Source: Aon plc