Survey: Nearly One in Five Will Look for New Job in Next Three Months

Sausalito, Calif. — Jan 3

With the unemployment rate at the lowest it has been in more than three and a half years, employee confidence appears to be stabilizing. According to Glassdoor’s Fourth Quarter Employment Confidence Survey, 48 percent of employees — including those self-employed — expect their company’s outlook to stay the same in the next six months, up eight points from the prior quarter.

Moreover, of those who reported a positive change at their company in the past six months, 65 percent were awarded new perks — option to work remotely, casual dress, flexible work hours, etc. — and/or new stock, an all-time high since Glassdoor began tracking in the second quarter of 2011.

Glassdoor is an online community where job seekers, employees and employers post job reviews and salary information.

As company outlook steadies and perks are added, less than half (40 percent) of employees expect a cost-of-living or pay raise in the next 12 months — relatively unchanged from last quarter.

At the same time, 33 percent of those employed say they will consider looking for a new job in less than a year if the economy stays the same or improves, and nearly 18 percent plan to look for a new job in the next three months.

The Glassdoor Employment Confidence Survey, conducted online by Harris Interactive, monitors four key indicators of employee confidence: company outlook, job security, salary expectations and re-hire probability. The Fourth Quarter 2012 survey also evaluates job search expectations and factors most likely to influence a job candidate’s decision on whether or not to accept a job.

The survey takes into account feedback from 2,249 U.S. adults, among whom 1,470 are employed or unemployed but looking for work.

Source: Glassdoor