Special Report: Learning and Development

Part 1: A Marriage of Equals

Kellye Whitney

Talent leaders have to break down silos, collaborate and align employee development activities to maximize resources and deliver improved performance.

Part 2: Doing What With Whom

Kellye Whitney

The focus must shift to establishing a universal set of competencies and an infrastructure that will link activities from pre-hire to post-hire.

Part 3: Speak Now

Kellye Whitney

Industry experts weigh in on how corporate learning and talent management have continued to intertwine.

Part 4: Is the CLO Role on Its Way Out?

Kellye Whitney

What is increasingly common is instead a head of talent management role with recruiting, succession management and talent development melded into one.


How Learning & Development Must Change

Jeanne Meister and Steve Dahlberg

Recent trends translate to a new agenda for corporate learning – one that will increasingly focus on the these principles.

Learning’s Role in a Talent Management Strategy

Don Duquette

Talent and learning leaders share many mutual interests and goals. The most important is to develop employees who can succeed in the global business environment.

Leadership Development for a Global Workforce

Tom Daniel

Competency modeling, assessment and blended learning promote leadership understanding outside specific lines of business.