Part 3: Speak Now

“Corporate learning used to be very much about simply on-boarding people and training them upfront to have a certain basic level of information. Learning has morphed into an ongoing exercise to enhance and develop the employee. That collaboration between CLO and HR needs to be tightly integrated.”
Carol Leaman, CEO, Axonify Inc.

“I can remember working at a Fortune 500 in HR and — this was a decade ago — it was very administrative and compliance focused. Learning was the new sexy place to be, and this group would create all this wonderful training, and then lob it over to HR to deliver or implement. Many times I rolled my eyes and thought, these people really have no clue what’s really going on with our workforce.”

Tracy McCarthy, senior vice president, chief human resource officer, SilkRoad Technology

“Everyone was talking about the war for talent a decade ago; then it went back burner primarily in response to the recession. But more and more baby boomers are that much closer to leaving the workforce. You have this tremendous pent up demand in organizations for how are they going to back fill that talent — do they outsource, do they buy the talent, do they develop the talent? If you superimpose the global nature of workforces on top of that, it’s going to make it very complex. If those two roles can’t effectively work together, it’s going to be difficult for that company to achieve solid results.”

Adam Stedham, senior vice president, learning solutions, GP Strategies

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