Twitter Ranks as Top Social Media Tool Among Job Seekers

Burlingame, Calif. — Nov. 29

Jobvite, a recruiting software platform, has revealed additional findings from its Social Job Seeker Survey 2012, originally announced in October. The research shows that college-educated professionals who are open to new opportunities are twice as likely to use Twitter to advance their passive job searches, compared to proactive jobseekers without degrees.

The latest findings are fresh on the heels of the company’s most recent Social Job Seeker Survey, which revealed that 76 percent of overall job seekers are using social media tools in their employment hunt.

The original Social Job Seeker Survey from Jobvite was conducted in September and polled more than 2,100 adults, of whom almost 1,300 were part of the American workforce — either employed or unemployed and looking for a job.

Respondents to the survey classified as passive career managers, rather than active job seekers, were twice as likely to hold college degrees (40 percent vs. 18 percent, respectively), were more than three times as likely to use Twitter to advance their career (14 percent vs. 4 percent, respectively) and were three times as likely to use LinkedIn to connect with potential employers (9 percent vs. 3 percent, respectively).

In contrast, passive career managers and active job seekers used LinkedIn almost equally, with 12 percent and 10 percent, respectively.

Passive career managers were also more than four times as likely to have found their current job via a social network like Twitter or LinkedIn, (21 percent vs. 5 percent, respectively) and almost twice as likely to have found their “favorite-ever” job on Twitter (9 percent vs. 5 percent, respectively).

These results reflect the major increases in usage of both Twitter and LinkedIn by the American workforce from the previous year. Twitter is now used by 46 percent of the workforce vs. 37 percent in 2011, and LinkedIn is up from 32 percent to 41 percent.

Source: Jobvite