PDI Ninth House Introduces Assessment-Driven Leadership Development Model

London — Nov. 29

Global leadership services provider PDI Ninth House has announced the launch of its GreatLeaderGPS, a service that blends the company’s simulation-based assessments with live and online elements.

This combination aims to make GreatLeaderGPS accessible and affordable for companies seeking a way to accelerate the readiness and development of mid-level leaders.

GreatLeaderGPS is scalable and remotely accessible, so current and potential mid-level leaders can participate from their own desks, alleviating the need for travel. This research-backed “whole person” approach combines self-paced online leadership challenges and inventories with live leadership simulations via webcam, plus coaching with PDI Ninth House leadership consultants.

In GreatLeaderGPS’s approach, participants’ experiences, competencies, personality traits, motivators and possible “derailers” are assessed to address leadership gaps and determine readiness.

Immediately following the assessment PDI Ninth House will offer live online coaching and deliver a development plan to participants. The service also offers additional integrated components, such as an action report for bosses and a leadership talent analytics report for human resources to help organizations align individual development with strategy.

Source: PDI Ninth House