Study: Spending on Integrated Talent Management Systems to Reach $4 Billion

Oakland, Calif. — Nov. 27

Bersin & Associates, a provider of research-based membership programs in human resources, talent and learning, has announced new research that shows the market for integrated talent management technologies is anticipated to grow 22 percent to nearly $4 billion in 2012-13, almost double the growth rate of 12 percent in 2011-12.

Detailed findings are included in Bersin & Associates’ new research report, “Talent Management Systems 2013: Market Analysis, Trends and Provider Profiles.”

The research looks at integrated talent management technologies, which are multidisciplinary services that help HR hire better, manage performance for results, coordinate compensation, develop talent and address succession. The research aims to provide a guide for both buyers and sellers.

“Talent Management Systems 2013” outlines key market trends, including:

• Ongoing integration of stand-alone applications into talent management suites to accommodate talent analytics and workflows.
• The move of talent management suites to rival core HR systems — creating talent profiles that can serve as the employee system of record.
• The addition of social media and mobile technologies in some form at almost every stage of talent management.
• Continued acquisition of talent service-providing companies, either by larger suite providers seeking to augment their existing products or by the major enterprise resource planning vendors as their software-as-a-service systems for talent management.
• A shift in the perceived benefits of talent management systems from cost savings to strategic value for the organization.

Source: Bersin & Associates