Many Tout Increased Productivity When Working From Home

Tampa, Fla. — Dec. 4

TeamViewer, a provider of online meeting software, announced the findings of its survey of 500 American adults ages 18 and older who work from home either full time or part time. It found that 50 percent of telecommuters feel that they are more productive working from home, with 23 percent even saying they are much more productive.

The survey also found that 45 percent of Americans believe average telecommuters save themselves from traveling 21 to 50 miles per day. This statistic becomes even more interesting given that the survey revealed 80 percent of Americans say that saving money on gas and having no daily commute are among the biggest benefits of working from home.

The survey also showed additional benefits when telecommuting:

• Improved work-life balance — 53 percent.
• Lower stress and better health — 51 percent.
• Ability to complete household chores while working — 50.4 percent.
• No involvement in office gossip — 37.5 percent.
• Ability to be near children during the daytime — 25.5 percent.

Interestingly, 1 percent of respondents in the survey admitted that they wear a suit and tie or professional attire when telecommuting. Among other attire Americans wear while working from home are a T-shirt and jeans (66.8 percent), pajamas (26.6 percent), sweatpants (33.4 percent) and business casual attire (11.2 percent).

When asked what advanced technologies Americans expect from telecommuting solutions, 45 percent said remote control of their computer desktops at work followed by:

• Mobile access to my files both at work and at home — 43.4 percent.
• Ability to participate in office meetings as if you were in the same room — 40.3 percent.
• Ability to print remotely — 40 percent.
• Ability to work on a document through screen-sharing — 37.5 percent.
• Face to face video communication with colleagues and clients — 37.1 percent.

Source: TeamViewer