SHL Launches RPO Performance Booster Program

Atlanta — Nov. 13

SHL, a talent measurement firm, announced the launch of its RPO Performance Booster Program, an assessment service tailored to the specific needs of recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) providers.

RPO providers can embed SHL assessments into their service delivery to identify quality candidates with predictive analysis on job fit and performance, ultimately improving retention and productivity.

Through the RPO Performance Booster program, SHL aims to empower RPO providers with a comprehensive tool set that includes online application management; realistic job previews; job simulations; candidate behavioral assessments; situational judgment tests; and skills tests.

Integrating these tools aims to harness SHL’s people intelligence to increase the value of service delivery by improving measurable areas such as position guarantees, time-to-fill, hiring manager satisfaction, candidate satisfaction and diversity effectiveness.

Source: SHL