Special Report: Performance Management

It’s Time to Drop the Focus on Competencies

Jeffrey Cattel

Performance management could use a back-to-basics approach. Pairing a coaching and development model with a social platform can help.

From Feedback to Feed Forward

Jeffrey Cattel

The move to a coaching and development model doesn’t mean companies throw out hard metrics, the cornerstone of the competitive assessment model. Instead, metrics are used more strategically.

Maintain a Constant Feedback Loop

Jeffrey Cattel

Social platforms for performance management help to ensure this kind of constant feedback cycle because they allow managers and employees to show progress and modify goals that were originally discussed in one-on-one meetings.

A Framework for Better Coaching

Jeffrey Cattel

For more than 100 years, global agribusiness Archer Daniels Midland, a company with 30,000 employees, had no official performance management process.

From The Archives

Bringing Performance Management to Life

Sebastian Bailey

To overhaul its performance management strategy, New York Life built senior leadership capability around innovation, collaboration and accountability.

Perfecting Performance Management

Marc Effron

Talent managers need not redesign the entire process, but instead simply chip away factors that cause the most pain.

Best Practices for Performance Management

Lisa Rowan & Peter McStravick

To address the variety of challenges HR executives face, they’ve increased their use of performance management solutions to achieve greater visibility into their talent pool.