Engineer Demand Up 12 Percent in September

New York — Oct. 23

In September more than 184,000 jobs were advertised online for engineering professionals in the United States, according to business intelligence firm Wanted Analytics.

In September, the volume of available listings was up 12 percent compared to the year-earlier period and 27 percent versus the same time period in 2010. The most in-demand engineering job titles in the U.S. are mechanical engineer, electrical engineer, manufacturing engineer, quality engineer and project engineer.

Although seasonal trends may be starting to affect hiring demand, employers are still likely to recruit engineers as one of the most in-demand STEM fields, according to Wanted.

As engineering processes and techniques evolve, the skills that are required of potential candidates will also change, according to Wanted. In addition to traditional engineering skills and certifications, such as quality assurance and Six Sigma, there are several growing technologies that are frequently specified in job ads for this occupation.

Computer-aided design (CAD) experience is a more common job requirement, with programs like Autodesk AutoCAD and SolidWorks CAD appearing as some of the most in-demand skills for engineers.

The number of job ads that look for candidates with CAD knowledge or experience is up 14 percent compared to the same period a year ago.

Demand for engineers is spread across the U.S., with the highest volume of listings during September seen in Houston, Los Angeles, Detroit, New York and Chicago.

The Houston metro area not only had the highest number of advertised job openings, but also had the greatest year-over-year growth of these five cities, up 34 percent from the year-earlier period.

Moreover, as employers increase hiring demand for engineers they are likely to experience more competition and an increased difficulty to fill. According to the Wanted’s hiring scale, employers across the U.S. spend an average of 6.5 weeks advertising jobs and sourcing candidates for engineering positions.

The Hiring Scale measures conditions in local job markets by comparing hiring demand and labor supply. It’s part of the Wanted’s analytics platform that offers business intelligence for the talent marketplace.

However, each location and region of the U.S. will experience a varying degree of difficulty and time-to-hire.

Companies in Athens, Ga., and Jefferson City, Mo., are experiencing more challenging overall recruiting conditions. Fierce competition has emerged, as hiring in these areas is growing more quickly than the local talent supply can support, according to Wanted data. Job ads in this area remain online for an average of nine weeks.

In comparison, the hiring scale also shows the locations that are likely to find these jobs less difficult to fill are Binghamton, N.Y., and Virginia Beach, Va. Larger talent supply compared to the hiring demand by employers in these metro areas means that open engineering jobs are likely to be filled easier and faster. The average duration of a job ad in these locations is 5.5 weeks.

Source: Wanted Technologies Corp.