The Week That Was

Before you start to unwrap your Halloween candy from this weekend’s early celebration, read these top five stories from

1. Keys to Driving Culture Change: Corporate culture can boost engagement and productivity, but it’s not easy to establish or change. Talent Management editor Frank Kalman has more.

2. Guilt Is Good: The more prone your workers are to guilt the better, argues a recent article in a major psychology journal. Talent Management editor Mike Prokopeak explains.

3. Tips to Improve Your Online Candidate Experience: In a recent recruitment experiment, some of the nation’s top companies fared poorly, but there are some easy fixes, writes editor Frank Kalman.

4. Just One in Five Employees Take a Lunch Break: In a recent survey, 39 percent of employees say they eat lunch at their desk and 28 percent say they seldom take any break whatsoever.

5. How to Promote Potential With Success Mapping: Many companies are surprised to learn that the skills they need already exist somewhere in their organization, writes Mara Swan, executive vice president of global strategy and talent at ManpowerGroup.

In Other News …

Should there be a curfew for work-related email? Or should it be accepted, depending on the culture of an organization, for email to be expected at any and all times? This column from the Boston Globe examines the issue.

Also, as reported this week in The Wall Street Journal, a plan to set mandatory quotas for the percentage of women on Europe’s company boards was rejected.

The centerpiece of the plan “was an effort to oblige company boards to allocate 40 percent of their seats to women by 2020 or face EU fines,” the Journal article said.

The initiative by Commission Vice President Viviane Reding is among the most far-reaching proposals taken to ensure better gender balance among company executives, according to the Journal.