Survey: Managers Rate High on Ethics, Professionalism

Arlington, Va. — Oct. 15

Of 20 performance-related behaviors, managers and supervisors were highly rated on ethical behavior and professionalism, but somewhat lower at motivating employees in times of adversity, according to a survey by management consulting firm Healthy Companies International.

While nearly nine out of ten superiors were seen by their subordinates as both ethical and professional, just six in ten, for instance, were regarded as very capable in such key respects as earning trust of employees or keeping promises.

Healthy surveyed 2,700 employees throughout North America to explore the behaviors of immediate supervisors.

“Ethics is a complicated issue,” said Stephen Parker, president of Healthy. “Unless a boss has done something really serious or obviously criminal, employees will generally give the person the benefit of the doubt. But where feelings come into play, or when business is off or a conflict arises, it then becomes a harder test for the boss, and our findings bear out the difference context can make.”

Another caution needed in interpreting the data is that they may suggest corporate America now has a lower bar when it comes to ethical behavior. According to Parker, the findings indicate that employees may be more critical of what a boss does when they are in a position to observe it directly, or where it affects them personally.

Source: Healthy Companies International