HireIQ Launches English Language Assessment Application

Chicago — Oct. 8

HireIQ Solutions Inc., a company that aims to improve hiring and recruiting process for customer-facing firms, announced the availability of its LanguageIQ automated English-language assessment application.

Like the company’s virtual interviewing application, InterviewIQ, LanguageIQ aims to help streamline and improve the recruiting and hiring process, particularly for contact center operations. The company demonstrated the new product at this week’s HR Technology Conference in Chicago.

LanguageIQ aims to help identify those applicants that possess the English-language skills necessary for effective communication in today’s fast-paced customer service environment. Applicants are presented a series of voice prompts through the application that are designed to test their English proficiency, fluency and critical thinking.

LanguageIQ uses media-rich Web and voice response technologies to lead an applicant through a virtual interview that is designed not only to gauge the applicant’s command of the English language, but also his or her ability to rapidly assimilate critical information and to communicate it effectively.

LanguageIQ is built on the InterviewIQ platform, and can be used standalone or in conjunction with InterviewIQ. Companies using HireIQ have reported improvements in their hiring process, including a greatly expanded talent pool from which to choose qualified candidates; an 80 percent or more reduction in the critical time-to-fill cycle; a reduction of 60 percent or more in the amount of time it takes to interview a candidate; and an improvement in the important 90 post-hire attrition rate.

Source: HireIQ Solutions Inc.