Survey: Hiring Managers More Likely to Hire Mature Candidates

Melville, N.Y. — Sept. 26

Hiring managers are three times more likely to hire a mature worker (60 percent) than a Millennial (20 percent), according to a new survey from Adecco Staffing U.S., a recruitment and workforce services provider.

The survey, conducted by Braun Research Inc. on behalf of Adecco, polled hiring managers across a range of industries about their perceptions of mature workers versus Gen Y job candidates.

Findings revealed a positive perception of mature workers in today’s workplace, with 91 percent of respondents saying they view mature workers as reliable and 88 percent considering them professional.

Each year, the U.S. Department of Labor celebrates mature workers through National Employ Older Workers Week, held this year from Sept. 24-28.

The survey, done in conjunction with this moment, classifies mature workers as those 50 years old and older — a fast-growing segment of job seekers.

According to the Department of Labor, by 2014 those over the age of 55 will have an employment rate of 41 percent, comprising more than 21 percent of the U.S. workforce. Many mature workers today are in the second phase of their career, some of whom had to come out of retirement or were laid off during the most recent economic downturn.

In addition to the survey findings, Adecco has also identified a list of the top 10 jobs for mature workers to coincide with this week’s recognition of this demographic.

The list, which is based on internal data and a general assessment of the overall economic environment, identifies a mix of both traditional and more niche positions that are currently hiring. These jobs offer a variety of common characteristics that mature workers desire in a job such as flexibility, social environments and stability, while also accounting for a number of job qualities that have historically been most highly desired by mature worker job seekers.

The top 10 jobs for mature workers include:

• Training / learning instructor
• Financial consultant / advisor
• Retail sales representative
• Local tourism guide
• Customer service representative
• Nonprofit recruiter / manager
• Accounts payable / receivable clerk
• Administrative assistant
• Technical writer
• Quality control engineer

Source: Adecco Staffing U.S.