Google Ranks as Most Attractive Employer

Stockholm — Sept. 20

Employer branding company Universum today released its global talent attraction index “The World’s Most Attractive Employers 2012,” which is based on the preferences of more than 144,000 career seekers with a business or engineering background from the world’s 12 top economies.

Google is the world’s most attractive employer, according to the rankings. The remainder of the top 10, with last year’s rankings in parenthesis, are as follows:

World’s Top 10 — Business
1. Google (1)
2. KPMG (2)
3. Procter & Gamble (7)
4. Microsoft (6)
5. Deloitte (5)
6. Ernst & Young (4)
7. PwC (3)
8. J.P. Morgan (9)
9. The Coca-Cola Company (12)
10. Goldman Sachs (10)

World’s Top 10 — Engineering
1. Google (1)
2. IBM (2)
3. Microsoft (3)
4. BMW (4)
5. Intel (5)
6. General Electric (8)
7. Siemens (9)
8. Apple (7)
9. Sony (6)
10. Procter & Gamble (10)

The rankings also reveal several trends:

1. The automotive industry is becoming increasingly popular. Overall, companies within the automotive industry are climbing in the rankings. In fact, in engineering, seven of the top 50 employers are automotive companies. “The students are looking for companies with attractive products and services, which these companies clearly have,” said Nelly Riggenbach Hasler, Universum’s managing director for Europe. “Furthermore, they are global and represent strong brands.”

2. Oil, gas and energy attracts engineering students. Several of the energy companies improved their rankings among engineers. General Electric rose up from eighth place to sixth. Shell also took a big leap by improving five positions since 2011, while Esso/ExxonMobil and BP both climbed in the rankings in 2012. “The oil and energy sector is viewed by students as an industry that is stable, financially strong, and offers very competitive compensation,” said Vicki Lynn, Universum’s senior vice president for client talent strategy and employer branding for the U.S. “They are also known for their people and culture, as many offer flexibility in the workplace.”

3. Management consulting rise in the business index. Management consulting firms such as McKinsey & Co. and The Boston Consulting Group are climbing in attractiveness among business and engineering students. “Few other industries can match management consulting when it comes to the diversity of challenges and possibilities,” said Kortney Kutsop, Universum’s global brand adviser. “These top consulting firms are looking for candidates in many different fields — and building prestigious employer brands to attract top talent globally.”

4. Students want an international career. Opportunities for international travel and relocation are seen as attractive among both business and engineering students. “In the U.S. in particular we’re seeing a surge in interest around positions that offer foreign travel opportunities and interaction with international clients,” said Jonas Barck, Universum’s global head of commercial partnerships. “Social media sites have very much so opened the world up to the millennial generation — and for that reason career-seekers are looking abroad for opportunities that will allow them so travel to new parts of the world early in their careers.”

5. More social media outlets are being used to communicate with employers. Fourteen percent of all students visit online communities every hour and 57 percent visit social networking sites at least a couple of times per day, averaging 23 minutes spent on these sites per visit. Seventy-one percent of students believe employers visit their personal profiles after students interact with these employers on online communities. “The realm of mobile employer branding is definitely in its infancy,” said Camille Kelly, Universum’s vice president of employer branding for the Americas. “We’re seeing students connecting to the Internet more and more through their smartphones, and yet employers have been slow to develop mobile-friendly career content for job seekers. In the next few years, I expect there to be a shift towards more mobile employer branding.”

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Source: Universum