Canada Seeks to Help Workers With Disabilities

Ottawa, Ontario — Sept. 18

Diane Finley, Canada’s minister of human resources and skills development, and Jim Flaherty, minister of finance, announced that the Panel on Labour Market Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities has begun in-person and online consultations.

“Through these important consultations, the panel will gather the information needed to help break down barriers for Canadians with disabilities at work and strengthen their overall participation in the labor market,” said Finley. “All employers are therefore invited to share their experiences regarding the employment of Canadians with disabilities.”

“Job creation, economic growth and long-term prosperity are the government’s top priorities,” said Flaherty. “The panel’s work will help improve labor market opportunities for people with disabilities, maximizing their potential and independence and helping Canada emerge as a more inclusive, more prosperous country.”

The panel’s purpose is to engage private-sector businesses and other organizations and individuals to identify best practices and successful approaches, as well as barriers to employment from employers’ perspectives, and to prepare a report containing these elements.

“By identifying successes, best practices and barriers regarding Canadians with disabilities in the workforce, we are helping businesses open doors to potential new employees who bring with them the skills and talents the marketplace needs,” said Kenneth J. Fredeen, chairman of the panel. “Whether you are a small, medium or large employer, the panel would like to hear from you.”

To participate in the online consultations or for more information on the in-person consultations, visit Questions or comments can be sent by email to

Source: Human Resources and Skills Development Canada