How to Extend Employer Branding Online

Employer branding, however, is more than just how good a company’s website or careers site looks, according to Sajjad Masud, founder of Simplicant, a cloud-based social media recruiting service.

“It includes the culture of the company, the responsiveness of the hiring managers and recruiters, attention to the needs of employees and candidates, and a tone that is welcoming to the candidates,” Masud said.

Traditionally, these pillars of employer branding have been present in face-to-face interactions with human resource professionals. New forms of social media recruiting, however, allow for a more personalized virtual touch and give candidates a better taste of the company’s culture. The older systems simply asked job seekers to submit an application online.

“Most of the recruiting systems in place today were built 10, 15 or even 20 years ago,” Masud said. “It’s not a surprise that these older platforms are simply not able to provide what employers, recruiters and candidates need in this era dominated by social media.”

Simplicant and other next-generation virtual recruiting platforms are attempting to fill a two-decade technological gap. These platforms emphasize an interactive application process and include automated templates that can communicate with each candidate for better engagement.

“When the application process is easy, intuitive and interactive, candidates are more likely to go through the entire application form,” Masud said. “Providing an engaging experience and linking it to the employer brand and company culture is one of the many ways a next-generation system can leave a strong impression on the candidates who visit the career site.”

These next-generation systems help ensure that potential candidates return to a company’s career site. Visitors can sign up to get notifications when positions open that match specific keywords or applicable resume experience and skills.

Next-generation, cloud-based recruiting platforms also allow companies to easily share open positions on social networks such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. Simplicant tracks the success of each social media recruiting campaign to evaluate which methods work best for each company.

Further, the analytics let companies know what colleagues and friends are most helpful in bringing qualified candidates to the company.

“Using social media to source referrals makes the search process fun, cost-effective and a lot more effective for employers,” Masud said.