CareerBuilder Acquires Economic Modeling Firm

Chicago — Sept. 11

CareerBuilder announced it has acquired Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. (EMSI), an economic software firm that specializes in employment data and labor market analysis.

The acquisition will aim to provide CareerBuilder clients with a sound perspective on current and future employment trends, skills development and recruitment strategies. EMSI is headquartered in the Pacific Northwest in Moscow, Idaho.

For the past few years, CareerBuilder has been investing heavily in a workforce analytics platform that tracks hiring and job search trends to help companies identify the best markets for finding in-demand talent.

EMSI’s background in complex employment data and developing user-friendly software will aim to enable CareerBuilder to enhance this platform, creating a repository of historical and real-time labor information.

EMSI collects and interprets large amounts of labor data, which is used in workforce development and talent strategy. The two companies first began working together two years ago when CareerBuilder launched its Supply & Demand Portal, a Web-based tool that pinpoints markets with the abundance and under-supply of targeted candidates.

Source: CareerBuilder