The Week That Was

Start off the month right with these five most-read stories from for the week of Sept. 3.

1. Tips to Avoid Burnout Among Your Stars: Don’t squeeze the life out of your top performers and then ignore them when they’re overwhelmed. It could come back to bite you, writes Halley Bock, CEO of Fierce Inc., a leadership development and training company.

2. Is HR the New IT?: HR leaders are discovering that technology savvy and analytical skills are key to effective talent management. See how. Talent Management editor Ladan Nikravan takes us inside this month’s special report on HR technology.

3. Three Best Practices Employees Crave: Talent leaders can prevent best practices from turning into worst practices by creating and sustaining a positive work environment, writes Halley Bock, CEO of Fierce Inc., a leadership development and training company.

4. Can Hiring Be a ‘Daily Deal’?: Consumers have gravitated to daily deal websites to experience new products and services. Will recruiters do the same for sourcing job candidates? Talent Management editor Frank Kalman has more.

5. Tips to Deal With Office Politics: Office politics exist in every workplace. Whether you feel comfortable dealing with these situations or whether you aim to avoid them, Randstad Canada, a staffing, recruitment and HR services firm, offers some helpful tips when dealing with this potentially destructive workplace dynamic.

In Other News …

What would it be like to work for an office-less company, where employees didn’t commute to work in a central meeting space but stayed at home for work? The Wall Street Journal found a few companies that do just this.

The Christian Science Monitor takes a look at how some firms may be hiring more people who are 65 and older, hoping to tap into the productivity and dedication of older workers who still want to be in the labor force. What does this mean for younger workers?

TechCrunch reports that Yahoo Inc. has hired Jacqueline Reses, a private equity exec, to lead hiring and HR for the company. The company’s new chief Marissa Mayer tapped Reses to be the new executive vice president of HR and talent acquisition for the struggling tech giant.