Special Report: HR Technology

Is HR the New IT?

Ladan Nikravan

As recruitment, on-boarding and development head to the cloud and mobile devices put sophisticated tools into everyone’s hands, HR leaders are discovering that technology savvy and analytical skills are key to effective talent management.

Mobile Builds a Brand

Ladan Nikravan

By adopting mobile technology for HR processes, employers can boost service levels, employee satisfaction and productivity rather than dealing with administrative frustrations.

No More Silo

Ladan Nikravan

While many talent managers have realized integrating talent management tools, content and processes delivers consistent messages to employees, many leaders remain confined within internal organizational silos.

Technology Is No Panacea

Ladan Nikravan

Talent managers have to work hard to make sure all new technology is intuitive.

Look Who’s Talking

Ladan Nikravan

Industry insiders share their thoughts on the evolving nature of HR technology and where it might be headed.

From The Archives

HR Tech: Is the Singularity Near?

Mike Prokopeak

The talent management singularity is approaching – combining tech innovations in the talent suite and shared data and applications across the cloud with evidence-based decision making.

HR Technology: A Cost-Effective Business Solution

Caitrin O’Sullivan

The immediate and long-term cost-effectiveness of HR technology becomes crucial during a downturn, and numbers are showing that senior-level talent executives at organizations of all sizes, in all locations and in all industries are realizing this.

Technology’s Fix for the Performance Review

Frank Kalman

By streamlining constant feedback between manager and employee, technology can make communication more efficient and improve companywide performance immediately.