The Week That Was

Now that the Olympics are over, catch up on what you missed at Here are the top five articles this week.

1. Forget Engagement; Focus on Passion: What causes one to jump out of bed, skip coffee and speed to work? It’s passion, writes blogger Dan Bowling.

2. How to Refresh Engagement Surveys: Try swapping out the long annual engagement survey in favor of multi-year mini surveys for more actionable results, writes editor Frank Kalman.

3. Avoid Common Talent Assessment Mistakes: Talent managers can use these tips to help shape and guide assessment-focused talent management initiatives. John Morrison, chief scientist at global workforce management company Kronos, has that story.

4. Facebook’s Role in Social Recruiting: Social recruiting is all the rage, but where does Facebook have the most value for recruiters in the social recruiting shuffle? Editor Frank Kalman explores.

5. Want to Know the Secret Behind Winning?: Before tackling any management program or project, learn how to train to win. Columnist Jac Fitz-enz shows you how to get started.