Program Mentors Women in IT Careers

Downers Grove, Ill. — Aug. 15

CompTIA, the nonprofit trade association for the information technology industry, introduced a new mentoring program for women of all ages who are in or aspire to pursue careers in IT.

The mentoring program is the brainchild of the CompTIA Advancing Women in IT Community, which serves as an information resource for women in the IT industry. The newly launched mentoring program reinforces the group’s commitment to empowering women with the knowledge and skills necessary to help in their pursuit of successful IT careers, as well as inspiring other women to join the IT industry.

“CompTIA is thrilled to offer a mentoring platform to women interested in starting or growing a career in IT,” said Nancy Hammervik, senior vice president, industry relations, CompTIA. “We have a strong network of successful women who can offer advice, guidance and support. It’s important to have someone in your corner, cheering you on and challenging you to break down barriers and surpass your own expectations.”

From the CompTIA Advancing Women in IT webpage, visitors can learn about careers in the IT industry; take advantage of educational resources, including certification information; and either volunteer to become a mentor or request to have a mentor. Based on information submitted via the online application, CompTIA will link program applicants with an experienced IT professional.

The CompTIA Advancing Women in IT Community has also launched a new video highlighting the benefits of an IT career for women of all ages and backgrounds. The video conveys the message that the IT field is somewhere they can succeed, whether they’re in the midst of a career transition or looking to start a new career.

“The launch of the mentoring platform in conjunction with our video is the first of many programs that are slated to enhance, entice, promote and develop women in all aspects of IT,” said Sandra Ashworth, global director of channel relations and warranty, Unisys, and chairman of the community.

“The mentoring platform will match expert women and men mentors to mentees to enable them to address all subjects from entering IT to advancement in their present career path,” Ashworth said. “This will be an evolving program that continually addresses changes in the industry, making it applicable as an aid both now and in the future.”

Source: CompTIA