Application Helps Deliver Employee Feedback

Portland, Ore. — Aug. 14

Hively, a customer satisfaction application specializing in meeting the needs of the small- to mid-size service industry, announced a new feature that helps businesses better identify and reward top-performing employees. The Kudos immediate employee feedback and reward system adds to Hively’s platform for soliciting and measuring customer feedback by giving users the ability to quickly offer employees a pat on the back — and to move from a virtual to a tangible reward system. For retail, hospitality, business, health care and other service providers, it’s a component in a complete customer feedback loop that enables them to internally encourage teambuilding and retain and reward top performers.

Hively offers users an online methodology for collecting immediate customer feedback with a click. Kudos works in a similar way for employee feedback, giving business owners, team leaders and members an easy venue for delivering compliments or other means of motivation. Enrolled employees are instantly notified when feedback is received. Additionally, for businesses wanting to move from a virtual to a tangible rewards program, Kudos includes an option to tie accolades to rewards. Through a new partnership with Tango Card, Hively users can deliver real-time rewards to top-performing team members through gift cards that can be redeemed for cash, donated to charity or exchanged for merchandise from companies such as Amazon, Starbucks, Nike and Zappos.

Source: Hively