Jobscience Acquires Social Profile Management Firm

San Francisco — Aug. 6

Jobscience Inc., a social relationship management firm for hiring, announced its acquisition of social profile management firm Atomkeep.

Atomkeep aims to helps users sync their profile information on social networks, job boards and other Internet sites. Users gain a streamlined way to validate and control their social identity across multiple sites. Accessing user-validated accounts aims to help recruiters and employers avoid cases of mistaken identity and potential liability issues.

Atomkeep aims to help users easily ensure that all of their social network profiles from sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, Monster, Yelp and YouTube are accurate and up-to-date.

Users simply build a profile on a single website and then publish it to all of his/her accounts. Users can then give potential employers or universities permission to access their validated and updated social profiles, which improves the accuracy of the information and eliminates potential mistaken identity situations.

Source: Jobscience