Wanted Analytics Launches ‘Heat Maps’ to Show Recruiters Candidate Hot Spots

New York — Aug. 2

Wanted Technologies, a source of real-time business intelligence for the talent marketplace, announced the launch of its new interactive heat maps, the latest enhancement to the firm’s analytics platform.

The new map aims to provide insight into hiring demand, the supply of qualified candidates, average salary ranges, the average time-to-fill and the predicted difficulty of filling any position across the United States.

Data is shown on a state and metropolitan area level. With this information, employers can assess the recruiting conditions across the U.S. and target the best locations to source candidates before they begin the recruitment process.

The measurements of difficult-of-hire are based on the number of candidates in an area and the current demand for those candidates. If there are a limited number of qualified candidates, and a many employers looking for those candidates, it is likely that the position will be very difficult to fill.

The measurements are very detailed for all types of positions and all geographical locations. Users of the Wanted Analytics products and services can assess hiring difficulty on a national level and drill into local markets down to the county level.

Wanted Analytics aims to help recruiting organizations make better decisions with real-time business intelligence on jobs, employers and talent. Analytics brings together, for the first time, years of hiring demand and talent supply data to create a “true talent intelligence platform” for hard-to-fill positions.

Source: Wanted Technologies Corp.