Survey: Costs Continue to Rise for Health Care Organizations

Kansas City, Kan. — Aug. 1

The 2012 Compensation Data Healthcare survey results reported the average annual cost of insurance per employee on a health care employer sponsored PPO plan is $8,707. That’s up from $6,807 reported in 2009, an increase of 28 percent in three years.

The results found 92.8 percent of health care employer sponsored PPO plans include a deductible or co-insurance requirement for services. The average deductible on an employee only PPO plan is $854, compared to $1,838 for an employee plus family plan. The average in-network out-of-pocket maximum on an employee plus family PPO plan is $6,631.

The use of consumer driven health plans (CDHPs) is on the rise as well. CDHPs typically pair an HDHP medical plan with a spending account, which can be used by the covered employee for their medical expenses. Health Savings Accounts (HSA) with an HDHP is the most common of these plans, as they are used by 23.7 percent of survey respondents, the survey said.

HSA contributions are made either by the employer or the employee and any unused balance can be carried forward.

Source: Compensation Data 2012 Healthcare Survey