StartWire Aims to Bridge Communication Gap Between Job Seekers, Employers

Lebanon, N.H. — July 16

StartWire, an Internet job-search firm, has launched ApplicationConnect, a new Web-based application for employers to use on their corporate career sites or Facebook recruiting pages to provide updates on job applications.

StartWire developed ApplicationConnect to solve the resume “black hole” by seeking to help companies provide timely job status updates through emails and text messages to candidates. Recruiters and applicants can then access a customized user interface to review application dates, status updates and feedback.

Beyond status updates, ApplicationConnect aims to allow applicants to provide feedback about their personal recruiting experience, offering HR managers immediate insights into the strengths and weaknesses of their recruiting process. From this insight, HR departments determine how recruiting practices are affecting views of the company brand and adjust their practices accordingly.

ApplicationConnect works with every major applicant tracking system (ATS), so recruiters simply need to update a candidate’s status in their existing ATS. Several large global organizations have already tested ApplicationConnect in a beta capacity and are now using the service to manage their communication with job seekers.

Source: StartWire