The Week That Was

Get your weekend started right with these top five stories on for the week of July 9.

1. Considering Employee Wellness? Think Simple: While yoga classes and gym access can play a role in corporate wellness, sometimes it’s the most simple and frequent movements that provide the best boost to health, energy and productivity, writes Talent Management editor Frank Kalman.

2. Does Happiness Really Drive Results?: Promoting happiness in the workplace is now a scientifically motivated practice that has proven benefits for productivity, profits and people. Dan Bowling, a senior lecturing fellow at Duke Law School and managing principal at Positive Workplace Solutions LLC, and Shannon Polly, who leads human resources consulting firm Accentuate Consulting, explain.

3. In a World of Change, Learn to Stand Out: When challenging industry orthodoxies, how can you distinguish between an innovation-cramping habit and a time-tested policy that works? Gary Hamel, author of What Matters Now: How to Win in a World of Relentless Change, Ferocious Competition, and Unstoppable Innovation, explains.

4. How to Build and Maintain Trust: The ability to build and sustain high levels of personal and organizational trust is a critical competency for today’s leaders, writes Randy Conley, a trust practice leader at leadership training firm The Ken Blanchard Cos.

5. The Four Stages of a Complete Manager: Managers pick up essential skills at each stage of a career. These characteristics build a well-rounded individual capable of handling any situation and ensuring talent development down the line, writes Helene G. Lollis, president of Pathbuilders.

In Other News

Facebook Inc. is adding more recruitment capabilities to its social network.

It was reported earlier this week by Dow Jones that the social network is planning to launch its own job board later this summer. The board, according to the report, will aggregate the job postings of third-party providers, making them searchable by Facebook users.

The Dow Jones report, which cited people with knowledge of Facebook’s plans, also said at least three job-posting companies that currently leverage Facebook will be involved in the new offering. These companies include BranchOut, Jobvite and Work4 Labs.

Many companies already use Facebook to some degree during their recruitment process, whether by means of informally screening candidates or through BranchOut or other services which aim to create more of a professional networking experience through the platform.

LinkedIn, however, remains the dominant social network used by recruiters, according to a recent survey by Jobvite, with 93 percent of its survey’s respondents reporting they used the social network for recruiting in 2012.

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