Forget Obamacare; How About Some Positive Psychology?

I am probably the only law professor in the world not blogging about Thursday’s stunning Supreme Court decision to largely uphold The Affordable Care Act. I bet you are as sick of hearing about it as I am. Instead, let’s examine whether the application of positive psychology in the workplace drives business results. I think it does, and along with positive psychologist Shannon Polly we have an article in the current July issue of Talent Management on the topic.

In the article we provide case studies of how organizations as diverse as Freddie Mac, Price Waterhouse, NYSE-Euronext, Westin Hotels and the U.S. Army are taking studies on human performance directly from the experimental lab into the workforce with amazing results. Please try to read the article, and come back here and leave us your comments. I promise we will read and respond to every one. Your thoughts are very important to us on this very important topic.

And just wondering, does Obamacare cover pitchers of Rum Punch during heat waves?