Moving Through the Ranks at Tribridge

The number of experienced consultants and entry-level positions the company seeks to fill across the country during the next several years reflects increasing demand for its services.

However, finding the right people in the highly skilled technology market in which it operates can be difficult. To better prepare its team for long-term growth, Tribridge created Tribridge Academy, a professional development program based on competency building, product knowledge and experiential learning. Tribridge Academy is designed to help all employees — from veterans to newly hired college graduates — develop individual potential through tailored, comprehensive training.

As program development progressed, the company needed a system that integrated its talent management efforts and learning platforms. Intelladon (Editor’s note: The author works for Intelladon) worked with the company to integrate Tribridge Academy into a new talent management platform and better coordinate the four pillars of its talent mobility program. The pillars are:

• Employee roles: Descriptions were designed for all job levels to clearly define career paths.
• Competencies: Each role has assigned competencies that define the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to be successful within that role.
• Product competencies: Product-learning courses were mapped to job descriptions and competencies.
• On-the-job experience: A determination was made about what kind of on-the-job experience each employee needed to achieve within a certain role.

“There is unbelievable internal support for the program,” said Tony DiBenedetto, chairman and CEO of Tribridge. “Many professional services companies are reluctant to forgo billable hours to focus on talent management initiatives, but we believe it’s a smart investment that is critical to our sustained growth and success.”

The talent management strategies Tribridge implemented give employees and managers a well-defined system that team members can use to manage their progress. In addition to technical and other professional development training, the platform offers a curriculum on the company’s values and service methodologies. This talent mobility program helps to attract and retain individuals by defining a structure and career path for employees. It also offers management the flexibility to tailor programs based on each team member’s skill level. For instance, managers can exempt a new hire from training if the individual has demonstrated proficiency in a particular area.

“We are seeing a lot of success with this talent management approach because team members and prospective new hires are encouraged by the fact that they can move up through the company as their skill sets progress. They feel confident and in control of their careers,” said Doug Blitzer, director of talent strategy and development at Tribridge. “It’s a great morale builder, but it also has made Tribridge more productive. One of the reasons for this is our ability to promote from within.”

Marc Blumenthal is CEO of Intelladon, a learning and talent management services provider. He can be reached at