SuccessFactors Releases New Recruiting Product

San Mateo, Calif. — June 14

SuccessFactors announced on Thursday the release of its Recruiting Execution platform, the combination of SuccessFactors Recruiting Marketing with its Recruiting Management. The combination aims to create the only complete recruiting service that helps companies deliver business results at every step of the recruiting process.

SuccessFactors Recruiting Execution aims to provide the ability to:

Attract and engage better: SuccessFactors seeks to leverage classic marketing best practices to find, market to and nurture candidates until they are ready to apply for open positions. This includes things like career site and search engine optimization, automated job distribution to multiple channels, including social networks, and the analytics to know which sources are working.

Select better: SuccessFactors aims to provide recruiters with a mobile and collaborative selection process that is fast and fair.

SuccessFactors Recruiting Execution is not just about hiring good people. It is about the ability to measure and prove that sourcing dollars were used effectively and that the hires — whether internal or external — are driving business results, all while providing a simple and engaging experience for managers, recruiters and candidates.

Source: SuccessFactors Inc.