Zapoint Updates Skillsmapper’s Talent Management Product

Cambridge, Mass. — June 6

Zapoint Inc., a social career management software firm, announced enhancements to its SkillsMapper career management application.

Career Paths will aim to enable organizations to incorporate competency frameworks and assessment criteria directly into job roles and job family groups in SkillsMapper.

Similar to the external recruiting approach, Career Paths’ added functionality seeks to provide internal recruiting capabilities to organizations by allowing them to define and communicate what human capital their company needs in order to sustain a competitive advantage.

As a result, organizations will have access to the tools they need to promote transparency, fuel employee engagement and help managers develop and retain highly skilled performers.

The current SkillsMapper Career Paths application aims to empower employees to take ownership of their future by giving them access to tools that help them analyze and plan their career path. With these new features, employees can aim to design career paths to job roles of interest, while enabling management to incorporate the organization’s competency frameworks and assessment criteria when creating job roles and job family groups.

The enhanced application will be available to download in the Zapoint SkillsMapper Apps Store starting June 15.

Source: Zapoint