Recruiters: Cash-Strapped Employers Defer Compensation, Add Perks to Retain Executive Talent

Norwalk, Conn. — May 9

Cash-strapped employers are engaging in a variety of deferred compensation levers and perks to retain top management talent as some business leaders explore the potential of a career move, according to a survey of executive recruiters by ExecuNet, a network for senior-level executives.

The results of ExecuNet’s 20th annual Executive Job Market Intelligence Report revealed that 79 percent of employers are expected to work harder to retain top management talent in 2012.

In April, ExecuNet polled 167 executive recruiters about the non-cash compensation levers their corporate clients are using to retain top executive talent when they are unable to pay the most competitive salaries.

The leading survey results are:

1. Stock options
2. Profit sharing or pension
3. Company car and vehicle allowance
4. Additional vacation time
5. Early review/promotion opportunity (tie)
5. Higher title (tie)

Source: ExecuNet