Peoplefluent Invests in Social Software Provider

Raleigh, N.C. — May 1

Peoplefluent announced it has made an investment in Socialtext, an enterprise social software provider.

The combined technologies of Peoplefluent and Socialtext aim to deliver powerful enterprise collaboration capabilities and a broad new spectrum of employee engagement initiatives to customers.

“Together, Peoplefluent and Socialtext bring an organization’s best minds and solutions to the forefront with digitized social environments and, for the first time, enable clients to share experiences, knowledge and innovations among themselves,” said Charles S. Jones, Peoplefluent’s chairman and CEO.

Through social communities of aligned interests and goals, Peoplefluent will now help corporations share knowledge, experiences and ideas to inform thinking inside their organizations and, as important, across the ecosystems in which individual businesses operate.

Socialtext will continue to serve and expand its customer base under the current company brand.

Peoplefluent, which has already deployed Socialtext technology within its own organization, will provide its customers with a standalone social platform and will also deliver every product within its existing suite optimized with embedded and integrated social capabilities.

To expedite integration and knowledge transfer and to expand customer service, support and implementation efforts, key Peoplefluent technology and customer-facing employees will transfer immediately to the Socialtext’s California location.

Source: Peoplefluent